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Murata Test Solution

The Most Extensive RF Test Expertise in the World

Averna test engineers are experts in RF, microwave, and infrared testing, integrating their broad expertise into comprehensive test solutions
such as automated test equipment (ATE) and turnkey test platforms, covering every aspect of product development, from design and
prototyping to manufacture, support and returns screening.

Since many of our customers test both in the field and the lab, we have a wide range of test equipment, including portable and ruggedized
solutions – such as Signal Generators and Record and Playback solutions for heavy-duty operations, and NPI test stations for functional,
structural,calibration, environmental stress screening (ESS), and more.

We provide different frenquency range test solutions,include 2Ghz,4Ghz,6Ghz and more.
RF and Microwave Test Solutions for:
Cellphones and smartphones
Digital microwave radios
Vehicle radios and infotainment systems
Radio transmitters and receivers
Satellite television devices
Navigation and Global Positioning System (GPS) devices
Base stations and wireless networks
Military and shipping communications systems
Air traffic radar systems
Outdoor units (ODUs), power supplies and modules

And more

Murata Connector:

RF test application